Scottish Association for the Study of Offending

Journal - 2006 Issue

2006 Conference papers
  • 'Media, crime and law and order. Robert Reiner
  • 'The press and crime'. Tom Hamilton
  • 'Crime reporting and its effects'. Duncan Campbell
  • Original articles
  • 'Alternatives to Prison'. Sir Anthony Bottoms of Cambridge and Sheffield Universities
  • 'Prisons, prisoners and criminal justice as an instrument of social policy'. Roger Houchin of Glasgow Caledonian University
  • 'Promoting desistance and resilience in young people who offend'. Lucy Robertson, Anne-Marie Campbell, Malcolm Hill and Fergus McNeill of the Glasgow University Centre for the Study of the Child
  • 'Electronically monitoring offenders in Scotland, 1998-2006'. Mike Nellis of the Glasgow School of Social Work, University of Strathclyde
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