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The Association publishes The Scottish Journal of Criminal Justice Studies annually. It contains original articles, research briefings, reviews and conference reports on criminal justice in Scotland.

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2016 Journal Contents

  • 'The influences of electronic monitoring in desistance processes:  practitioner and decision-maker perspectives'  Dr Hannah Graham, Stirling University & Professor Gill McIvor, Stirling University
  • 'The Scottish Sentencing Council:  A New Era' Professor Neil Hutton, Law School, University of Strathclyde
  • SASO Student Essay Prize 2015:  'Moving away from the incredible: improving the UK asylum system for women asylum seekers whose claims include rape'  Bryony Cornforth Camden, MSc Global Crime, Justice & Security, University of Edinburgh

2015 Journal Contents

  • 'The Scottish MI5 station will change to MI6.  And you know what MI6 does!' Understanding the hidden politics of intelligence in Scotland's independence referendum debate.   Dr Colin Atkinson, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, University of Glasgow.
  • 'Discursive Detours on the Route to Justice for Women'  Dr Margaret Malloch, University of Stirling
  • 'To legislate or not to legislate?  Stop and search for alcohol for under-18s:  a review of the evidence'  Dr Kath Murray, University of Edinburgh
  • ''How might an understanding of 'community' and 'place' help us prevent crime?'   Zoe Russell, University of Stirling - SASO Student Essay Prizewinner 2014


2014 Conference papers

  • 'Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) in Scotland: Practice, Progress and Questions' Dr Sarah Armstrong (University of Glasgow) and Diane Wills (Plymouth University)
  • 'Penal Innovation and the Imaginative Neglect of Electronic Monitoring in Scotland' Professor Mike Nellis (University of Strathclyde)
  • 'Can new legislation succeed in wiping out the sectarian problem in Scotland' Maureeen McBride (University of Glasgow)



2013 Conference papers

  • 'The Corston Report - A Review of Women with Particular Vulnerabilities in the Criminal Justice System' The Rt Hon the Baroness Corston
  • 'Who does what to whom? Gender and Domestic Violence Perpetrators' Professor Marianne Hester, Centre for Gender and Violence Research, University of Bristol
  • 'Honour Based Violence' Pragna Patel, Southall Black Sisters
  • 'The Rise of Female Imprisonment in Scotland' Professor Michele Burman, University of Glasgow and Professor Gill McIvor, University of Stirling
  • 'So what ARE we doing about girls?' Linda Robb, Centre for Youth and Justice, University of Strathclyde
  • 'Can the social construction of crime be understood without considering the power relationships generated by social division' Caitlin Gormley, University of Glasgow


2012 Conference papers
  • 'The European Criminal Justice Jigsaw and its Relevance to Scotland' Professor Estella Baker
  • The SASO Memorial Lecture: In memory of The Rt Hon Lord Rodger of Earlsferry PC, QC 1944-2011. 'The role of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom' The Rt Hon the Lord Hope of Craighead
  • 'Criminal Law in Scotland post-Cadder: Are Human Rights Really Coming Home?' John Scott, QC
  • 'Legitimacy of non-custodial sanctions - a European perspective'by Professor Sonja Snacken
  • 'Prisoners: What price European rights?' Professor Tony Kelly
  • 'Welfare and Rights at the heart of the Children's Hearing System?' Carole Wilkinson
  • SASO Prize-Winning Student Essay
  • 'Stop and search in Scotland and perceptions of police fairness' Kath Murray

2011 Conference papers
  • 'Mental Disorder and Crime: Some Unresolved Questions' Professor Jill Peay
  • 'Reducing Risk: Integration or Aversion? Risk Assessment and the use of IPP in England and Wales' Professor Hazel Kemshall
  • The Gordon Nicholson Memorial Lecture: 'Violence Risk Assessment and the Illusion of Certainty' David Cooke
  • 'We Can if we Choose to and if we Follow the Evidence' Yvonne Gailey
  • 'Managing Challenging Sex Offenders in the Community' Dr Katharine Russell and Dr Rajan Darjee
  • SASO Prize-Winning Student Essay
  • 'Can evidence about desistance influence penal policies and practices? Should it?' Graham Bell

 2010 Conference papers
  • 'European penal policy and national penal practices - lessons for Scotland'. Dirk van Zyl Smit
  • 'Crime and Punishment in late 20th century Scotland:judicial sensibilities' by Fiona Jamieson
  • Original articles
  • 'Is there a 'booze 'n blades culture' in Scotland? Evidence from young offenders. Alasdair Forsyth, Furzana Khan and William McKinlay
  • 'Creative arts and the cultural politics of penal reform:the early years of the Barlinnie Special Unit, 1973-1981' Mike Nellis

2007 Conference papers

Contents include presentations by Rob Allen, Kathleen Marshall and original articles by Michele Burman on the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, by Jenny Johnstone and Vivian Leacock on Managing equality in the criminal justice process, and by Simon Mackenzie on game theory and the evolution of cooperation in criminal justice policy.

2006 Conference papers
  • 'Media, crime and law and order. Robert Reiner
  • 'The press and crime'. Tom Hamilton
  • 'Crime reporting and its effects'. Duncan Campbell
  • Original articles
  • 'Alternatives to Prison'. Sir Anthony Bottoms of Cambridge and Sheffield Universities
  • 'Prisons, prisoners and criminal justice as an instrument of social policy'. Roger Houchin of Glasgow Caledonian University
  • 'Promoting desistance and resilience in young people who offend'. Lucy Robertson, Anne-Marie Campbell, Malcolm Hill and Fergus McNeill of the Glasgow University Centre for the Study of the Child
  • 'Electronically monitoring offenders in Scotland, 1998-2006'. Mike Nellis of the Glasgow School of Social Work, University of Strathclyde

2005 Conference papers
  • 'Prison works? International comparisons' Andrew Coyle
  • 'The urge to punish' Richard Holloway
  • 'Reflections on a quarter of a century as sheriff' Richard Scott
  • 'What works with serious young offenders' Margaret McKinnon and Rachael Murray
  • Original articles
  • 'Representations of illegal drug case stories in the Scottish press" Alasdair Forsyth
  • 'Unthinking drinking' Richard Hammersley
  • 'When the world knows your name: Identity theft and fraud in the UK'

2004 Conference papers
  • 'The Irish Juvenile System' Aengus O'Hanrahan
  • 'Producing Order from Disorder' Lord Woolf
  • 'Risk Factors for Criminal Behaviour' David Cooke
  • 'Owen Dudley Edwards on Public Attitudes to Order and Disorder' Sally Kuenssberg
  • Original articles
  • 'The Employability needs of young offenders' Duncan MacAuley
  • 'DNA and Crime Investigation: Scotland and the 'UK National DNA Database' Paul Johnson and Robin Williams

2003 Conference papers
  • Keynote article by Richard Simpson MSP, Deputy Minister for Justice
  • Papers from the 33rd Annual Conference: 'Sentencing'
  • 'Sentencing fundamentals and the impact of Europe' Nicky Padfield
  • 'What do the Scottish public think about sentencing and punishment' Neil Hutton
  • 'Drug Courts: the Scottish exerperience' Sheriff Michael O'Grady
  • Original articles
  • 'The Employability needs of young offenders' Bernadette Monaghan
  • 'Worry about housebreaking: is it affected by employment status?' Jason Ditton
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